Erik Greenawalt

By day, Erik Greenawalt is a CPA (the boring debits and credits type) working in corporate finance for a large Pittsburgh-based grocery chain. But on weekends, he puts on his other CPA hat – Chalk Pavement Artist – and adds life to driveways, streets and sidewalks from New York to Florida. He became known in the neighborhood as “The Chalking Dad” – and the name has stuck. He still takes most of his drawing orders from his daughters, which results in fun, colorful pieces -- and not just cartoons anymore.

Thom Glick

Thom Glick is a Columbus-based artist. For more than a decade, Thom has created illustrations for clients and galleries all over the world. In recent years, he's become increasingly interested in telling stories with his art. Currently, Thom is working on his second animation short, tentatively titled Two Days Underground, and a graphic novel, tentatively titled Perpendicular to the Corridor. Thom holds a BFA in illustration and an MFA in animation. If you would like to support Thom's work please consider becoming a patron by visiting
Mandi Caskey

As a young and upcoming artist, I'm in a constant state of experimentation. I enjoy trying new mediums and expressing new ideas. In the past I would enjoy recreating life, by regurgitating realistic painting and drawings. I'm currently backing away from perfection and trying to shatter this idea of reality. Through my work I would like to move and relate to my audience, in a mental and emotional way.
Mitchell Lippencott

Mitchell is best know for his nostalgic advertising-themed sign work. He co-developed the Columbus Before I Die Wall, performed metal work for the Daily Chores public sculpture in Dublin, Ohio, and is currently seeking funding for a large-scale public installation of his animated short film, Freddy the Fish Freaks Out. Mitchell is a member of Cap CIty Creatives and the Ohio Art League.

Adam Crum

"My art is like watching the TV show 7th Heaven on mute while playing The Spin Doctors hit single "Two Princes" on repeat and eating Chef Boyardee rollercoasters. Basically, I tend to drop mad cluster-bombs of flavor."

Jose Bastidas

Jose is a fine artist from Ecuador, working in a surrealist and fantasy manner. He uses many mediums and has done extensive work in chalk.

Lori Hughes

Lori uses a bold colorful approach with a realistic feel. As a member of the Florida Chalk Artist Association she has traveled to do many festivals not just in Ohio, but also in Florida, and Georgia. When she isn't participating in chalking events, she organizes a chalking event in her hometown, and also paints shoes.

Candice Oates

Candice's artistic style combines bright colors with surreal imagery and she also does realistic portraiture. The majority of her mediums include paint, pencil and collage, but she loves working with chalk and getting all messy.

Hilary Frambes

Hilary Frambes is a freelance artist and community art educator located in Plain City. She partners with her local school district Jonathan Alder, working with elementary and middle school students in after school art programs.

Jen Wrubleski

Jen Wrubleski is a mixed media illustrator that enjoys using any material she can get her hands on to create artwork that is very lighthearted and simple with fun, whimsical themes.

Tiffany Kelly

A lover of all things crafty, Tiff likes to spend her outside time with the kids chalking popular characters on the driveway. "There is no greater compliment than when a passer-by stops to look at, or photograph, my work. I do it because I love to make people smile."

Larry Doyle

Larry is an artist from Columbus Ohio and focus' on painting and illustration. His art ranges from dark and sad to light and playful. He has had many shows around the city and is a tenant at junctionview studios.

Chris Fry

Chris Fry is a life-long central Ohio resident, and is the proud father of three daughters (who often make guest appearances in his work). He studied Fine Arts at Miami University, but happened to get into the job scene just as this new thing called the “Internet” was becoming big, and has been involved with that ever since. Perhaps because he spends so much of his time staring at small rectangular screens, Chris really enjoys working on large-scale projects like murals and sidewalk chalk art.

Edwin John Yang

Edwin tends to create chalk pastel artwork that has an asian-flair to it. He has done several chalk drawings on asphalt including the Short North's Gallery Hop and the North Market.

Lindsay and Cassandra Blusiewicz

These sisters extrodinaire are back at this year's Chalk the Block to work on a collaborative drawing. Come see what they create together.
Danielle Poling

Danielle Poling paints with the goal of making emotional connections with viewers. She finds tranquility in nature, so her subjects are often landscapes and flowers. Danielle Poling is an advocate for public art and Art Education, as can be seen with the Sunwall-Moonwall murals she painted this summer at Cooke Road in Clintonville.

I'll be the guy in the gold shoes that smells really good.
Adam Brouillette

Adam's work consists of series of narrative cartoon characters familiar to the Columbus art world. His work has been shown in galleries, museums and institutions regionally. He also works as an arts organizer and owns a company littleINDUSTRIES.

O'Linda Jansupka

O'Linda Jansupka, originally from Cleveland and decades long resident of Athens County, came to Columbus in 1997 to teach.   Her work includes restoring signage to historic specs, theatrical scene painting, and illustration.  She has also been a featured chalk artist at COSI, the Ohio State Fair, Thurber House, Columbus Zoo, Gallery Hops  and various schools throughout the city.

Amy Cubberly-Yeager

Portraiture has been a focus of Amy's work for some time. In her current work she has been focusing on a series of self-portraits in various mediums. This temporary medium is perfect for her next attempt.

Rich Granger

Rich Granger is an engineer who moonlights as an artist on the weekends. In addition to his chalk artwork at events around Columbus, he draws cartoons for patients as a volunteer at Nationwide Children's Hospital, and he previously drew the "Superdude" comic strip for the Ohio State Lantern.

Lisa McLymont

"My chalk work is intended to be lighthearted and uplifting imagery of mythological characters carrying positive messages for all ages and persuasions. "
Joe Sahr

Joe is an electrician and self taught, self motivated artist who enjoys drawing just "because". Give him a picture or three and he can combine them into his own reality, or yours... hopefully I can spark an interest or conversation with my art, after all, that is what it's about; having fun, good conversation and interpretation.
Robert Stokley

Robert Stokley is an artist from Marion, Ohio. A former student of CCAD, he has worked with pencil, colored pencil, oils and now his passion is working with acrylics. He is a member of Mid Ohio Fine Arts Society. His passion for painting has been rekindled over the last two years. He has participated in various events around his hometown of Marion. This is his first chalk event and he only wishes to share his use of color, meaning, and passion for art. His work has been displayed in multiple venues and his most recent works can be viewed at Nathan's Barber shop in Marion, Ohio and on Fine Art America.
Maxx McEvoy

Justin "Ketchup" Withrow

I am a Graffiti artist that's trying to impact my community in a positive way, by giving back to areas that need life and inspiration, as well I am opening up a streetart/graffiti supply store to build a Team of artist that will work with the city to beautify it instead of destroying it!

Jacob Tanner

I am always in pursuit of using lines to communicate sounds and movement in my 2D illustrations. My work is loud and whimsical, usually inspired by nostalgic themes from my childhood.

As the BAIR sleeps it dreams, and as those dreams churn they awaken storytellers buried deep within the dreamscape of the BAIR’s brains. When the eternal beings enclosed in the brains awaken the dreamscape floods with messages deciphering and encapsulating everything from our pasts and all that will continue to happen after everyone of us moves on with our deaths. The BAIR has been born to show all of us an alternate perspective, a second glance at the lives we all lead.
Sheryl Lazenby

Sheryl Lazenby is a freelance artist and owner of Smartdog Design in Pickerington, Ohio. She has a variety of styles ranging from realistic to whimsical to abstract and works in a variety of mediums. This is her first chalk festival.
Louisa Heyer

I am an Art Director/Graphic Designer by day and a fine artist by night working with a wide variety of mediums. The thing I like about these chalk events is that it is as much a performance piece as it is a fine art piece. It’s intriguing to see peoples reactions!
Chalk Riot

Chalk Riot produces pavement art and interior chalkboard murals for marketing campaigns and special events. An entourage of street artists and muralists that consistently blend tradition with a punk rock edge. Chalk Riot also uses chalk as a tool for arts education and youth empowerment. Based in St. Louis, MO.

Wolf Starr

Wolf's work consists of series of lines and shapes currently unfamiliar to the Columbus art world. He also works as a festival organizer and owns several companies including the Small Business Beanstalk and Atlas Community Partners.
Oriana G. G. Hirschberg

"I like thinking about built spaces– cities, houses, rooms, the like– and how we interact with them. Why do we chose to live where we do? How does it change the way we perceive the world? Questions like this turn into the art I make, using traditional printmaking methods, digital media, and plain old pen and paper."
Darrean Brown

I am an artist that enjoys creating beautiful artwork for others to enjoy. I like to experiment with different mediums and expand my creative boundaries. I started chalking as a personal challenge and I have been able to create bold vibrant street murals as a medium to share my vision. Come by and enjoy.